Computer Data Entry and Web Design

We are looking for a person to perform data entry and other specialized tasks as required. The applicant must have mathematical and logic skills, understand web design, and possess the passion and adaptability to grow within a relatively young company with a start-up, fast-paced work environment..

    Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain client databases from source documents created by graphic artists
  • Accurate interpretation, compilation, and entry of data in the computer system
  • Proper analysis and testing to ensure data integrity
  • Create web templates to integrate data within
  • Develop site content and graphics by coordinating with graphic artists team
  • Record timestamps, logbooks and other relavant records of activities and tasks
  • Completion of the required task within the desired deadline
  • Manage additional responsibilities including troubleshooting, file back-ups, regular updating, and retrieval of data, as and when required
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding the information being dealt with

    Education and Experience

  • A minimum qualification of a high-school diploma with computer literacy
  • Formal Computer Training
  • Working knowledge of SQL and mySQL database structure, entry and manipulation of data
  • Working Knowledge of Notepad++, EditPlus or eq, Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of basic office management

    Key Competencies

  • Communication skills - written and verbal
  • Planning and organizing
  • Prioritizing
  • Problem assessment and problem solving
  • Information gathering and information monitoring
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork

    Compensation and Benefits

  • Compensation commensurate with skills
  • 2 week paid vacation after first year
  • Matching 401K to 7.5% of base salary after first year
  • Stock options after first year