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Interactive Site Plan Demonstration

Interactive Floor Plans Demonstration

The Logical Next Step

Ever wonder how many people drive through one of your communities and leave without stopping by the sales office? I used to work on job sites and it happened frequently. Sometimes they would stop and walk around a home site and leave, sometimes they came when the sales office was closed, and others would walk through a home under construction. We didn't like that but if it helped sell a home, we would look the other way. That was a while ago, before everyone became lawsuit crazy and the insurance companies warned against it. I am sure this still occurs, but today is different. It's different because the curious can visit you anytime, online. And that begs introspection; do you have the right tools working for you that are doing everything possible to help you sell more homes, to explain why you are different, and to provide as much information as possible?

A home is something very few people will ever buy online; but if they spend hours researching a purse, lawnmower or TV, you can bet they will search for and then research the hell out of a new home before they visit your sales office. What would they want to know? The price range would be a start. If they get past that, they want to learn about you, information concerning the communities, homes, floor plans, what is available and when, loan information, warranties, etc. All this should be able to be researched online. Every time they need to stop by or call you, it will cost you money. Of course you will need to form a relationship, but at what point in the timeline does it strike a financial balance? The goal of your website is to market and inform. The more informed someone is, the less you will pay someone to do what you are paying your website to do. The prospect will be knowledgeable, the close will be smoother, and that is the fulcrum.

A few builders have added Interactive floor plans as a tool to flip floor plans and show structural options, like a sunroom. We have created many IFPs. Unfortunately, interactive floor plans also require a sales assistant to be present. Why? Have you ever searched for a special pair of shoes or coat online, only to find later they are not made in your size or the color you wanted? A consumer can add all the options to their favorite floor plan, but like the coat or shoes, will their dream home fit on their dream lot, or any lot offered? Will an outside agent spend time with a client and an interactive floor plan without knowing if the plan will fit the lot?

Was thinking about those people who would walk a home site and leave, and how cool it would be if they could easily bring up the site plan on a mobile device while they were there, choose that lot and find particulars about the site and what could be built there. So Harley and I did some brainstorming and came up with an idea that we believe will soon become the next must have website tool. We created a smart connection between interactive site plans and interactive floor plans. It is the logical next step to providing accurate real time information. This new program is appropriately named the Interactive Sales Assistant or ISA for short. The ISA enables consumers and realtor agents to personalize specific homes on specific lots on their time, freeing your sales team to concentrate their efforts on closing the deal. Isn't that the real purpose of your website?

Here's how it works. Let's say your web visitor selects a favorite lot from the Interactive Site Plan, Plan Gator™ will display a drop down menu of homes that you will build there. If the lot is graded for a walkout basement and a home sited for the garage to be on the left, Plan Gator™ remembers that information as your consumer proceeds through your product pages and to the Interactive Floor Plan.

If your prospect attempts to choose an option, say a side sunroom, or any option that violates the lot's covenants, an informative message is displayed stating why. The program won't let them personalize a house that you can't build on that lot.

What if they want that side sunroom? Are they out of luck? No! Plan Gator will display a dynamic list of lots that can accommodate their personalized design as they choose options. And they are not limited to lots in the project they are visiting; you can expand available lots to as many communities as you choose. When the user hovers over or touches lot choices, photos of the lot can appear. A click or touch on a lot outside the current project takes the user to that project, where the lot is highlighted on the site plan with additional information. They can then proceed to add more options the model, unless they violate that lot's restrictions!

What happens if the consumer finds a plan they like but haven't thought about a lot? If your consumer finds their favorite plan first - and personalizes it with a 3-Car Garage on the left, a walkout basement, and an optional side sunroom - Plan Gator's intuitive software will show which lots will accommodate their plan as they add options. As above, images and descriptions of available lots appear when the user hovers over or touches a lot.

Once they have everything selected, they can print it all out and bring it to your sales center, that is before they pin it to Pinterest to show their family and friends!

Sound complicated or difficult to maintain? It's not. We design a custom dashboard for you that will work with your server's OS. Pass keys can be easily assigned to your sales and marketing teams. We provide complete training

ISA is not just for consumers and realtors. All members of your team will benefit. Your company's design center can use the plans to assist your consumer with their selection of flooring, cabinets, and colors and just about everything else. Subcontractors can receive a copy of the floor plan showing which structural options have been chosen. Appraisers and financial teams will know which options have been added that will affect value, and your company will save money by minimizing errors, and have a purchaser who knows what they want!

For more specific information regarding our interactive plans and our ability to attach interactive photos and renderings, click here.

Bob Lamar