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Effective websites are designed to engage the consumer at every level, giving them information they need to make informed decisions about your company's products and services. The result is a prospect that contacts your sales team or visits a subdivision and is more likely to be a serious purchaser, lowering your time and cost to further develop the lead and to write a purchase contract.

Purchase contracts give reason to celebrate. But have you ever wondered what specific event compelled that consumer to visit your building site? Was it an online or offline advertising campaign? Or was it someone who became comfortable with your company through their interaction on your website, and who later engaged a sales team that knew their interest beforehand and was able to tailor their pitch? Was it through social media? The benefits of targeting marketing dollars to proven programs are obvious. What is not obvious is that most of the information you need to discover what works and what doesn't work exists within your website. Your pages and links contain measurable data that can expose user behavior to benefit your company in multiple ways.

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Even if your site has not been updated recently, this information can be readily accessed. If you are considering an upgrade, remember it is just as important tostructure your website to educate your visitors as it is to format your pages and links in a way that will give you the measureable data you desire.image

How is this data obtained and measured? And why is it meaningful? Enter web analytics. A short and concise definition for web analytics on Wikipedia states, "Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage." Another way to view web analytics is as a before and after snapshot of metrics you wish to track.

Popular uses of web analytics include comparative, content and qualitative analysis. Comparative analysis will let you know if your new online ad campaign is making a measureable difference. Content analysis will reveal if your assumptions are correct, if your content is consistent with your message, and if it is directing the user along a path that will provide warm leads for the sales team. Qualitative analysis will tell you how many users abandon their search when they are required to fill out a long form or required to log in to view a floor plan. In this case, changing the form or log in requirements will provide measurable results that will determine the success of the change.

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